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I trained with Aleksandr twice a week for roughly 3 years. During that time, he adjusted the workouts to focus on what I wanted ("obstacle course racing", "bigger arms", etc); and explained why each exercise was important. He also introduced me to "rolling" - self massage with a foam roller or racquetball - something that makes absolutely no sense to my engineer mind, but that made a huge difference. I highly recommend Aleksandr to anybody that's looking for a trainer. R.T.


I can highly recommend Aleksandr, it has been a great pleasure working with him for the last 4+ years. He combines excellent session planning with strong motivational skills - but for me his standout is the ability to identify, focus and solve long standing physical issues that has allowed me to greatly improve my flexibility and core strength. I have never been in better physical condition! 


I've worked with Aleksandr for 3+ years. Every session is challenging and never stale. In additional to traditional strength training, he focuses on mobility, core, flexibility, endurance. I've had running injuries and Alek taught me great stretching exercises (foam roller, etc.). His knowledge of PT is really useful - helped me with a shoulder issue I had. He is professional and focused. While we are good friends, he focuses on training and not digressing into conversations. I enjoy working with him and have benefited tremendously


Eli is a wonderful trainer. Customized our sessions to my needs. Friendly, fun to train with. Not once late to a session in 3 years of working together. Great guy.


If you are motivated, and want to get fit Eli is your guy.


Aleksandr is an amazing trainer. First, he has produced results - I feel more in shape and in better health than I have felt in years. Second, he's really attentive to what I both need and want to develop. He crafts specific programs to help me build specific muscle areas, but also to do some cardio with weights. Finally, he's just fun to work with. He's extremely nice, he takes an interest in not just my exercise but my life out of the gym, and he makes the time fly. I would highly recommend Aleksandr to anyone.


I've been training with Aleksandr for over 4 years, through marathon training, injury recovery, overall fitness and now a physical outlet during the pandemic. His workouts are targeted, creative and appropriately challenging. He knows when to push and when not to; He also respects and honors his clients for showing up, being present and doing their best in the moment. Would highly recommend him for anyone looking for a personal, personable, mindful trainer.


I highly recommend Eli. He is excellent at his job and so easy to talk to. Before training, I was a busy mom who often found myself exhausted and not as strong as I wanted to be at the end of the day. Working with Alek is great. He has helped me build energy and gain strength. Now, I'm a busy mom, but I feel SO much better! I have a lot of fun during my workouts and when I don't bring the best attitude due to life stuff, he tolerates me with a smile and I always leave training feeling better than when I arrived. My husband, my teen-aged daughter, and I all individually train with Alek and he meets each of us where we are and is able to design training specific to each client. I give him my highest recommendation. I love working with Aleksandr!


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